How to Restore and Rest iPad iPod iPhone

How to Restore and Rest iPad iPod iPhone

Picture 1. Restore and Rest iPad iPhone.

If You see gadget iOS there is circle loading display in lcd or enter too many times wrong password and there is display on the lcd of gadget iOS is locked for unbelievable minutes, You need to How to restore and rest iPad iPod iPhone:

  1. press home and power button at the same time until Apple logo comes out then release the power button and hold home button for another 5 seconds if cannot you need to go to steps 3
  2. turn off the iDevice then take out the usb cable from Your Notebook or Macbook and then update the lastest iTunes software skip step 3
  3. go to DFU mode, turn off the iDevice and press the power button for 3 seconds. Follow by press and hold the home and power button for 10 seconds release the power button and keep on hold the home button until You see connect to iTunes with black background on your gadget iOS.
  4. proceed with the reset restore iPad iPod iPhone

If the gadget iOS is not Yours, FindmyIphone apps need to turn off if not You will not be able to enter the menu iOS again and after the iOS 9 you even need the passcode to enter. You can check whether the FindMyIphone apps is on or not iMei at iPhone iMei Apple id checker to make sure there is no future regret and please use original usb cable iPad iPod iPhone.

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