How to fix iPhone 5 6 6+ iPad Mini Lightning usb Problem

How to fix iPhone 5 6 6+ iPad Mini Lightning usb Problem

Picture 1. iPhone iPad Lightning USB.

Since the launching of iPhone 5, it already have iPhone 5 lightning usb docking spoilt with the charging problem which eventually solved by changing the lightning usb docking and it work fine again until recently (update 23 12 2014) we have even greater problem, over time these iPhone 5 logicboard actually failling by themselves. Some of the problem related to iPhone 5 lightning usb ic controller on the logicboard is:

  1. iPhone 5 restarting in apple logo
  2. iPhone 5 when charging cannot full (could be PMIC problem as well)
  3. iphone 5 died because there is no power going to Cpu

Currently in Singapore only a few people that actually know how to change the iPhone 5 lightning usb ic controller chipset and the repair is risky as the posisition of the chipset is just below the main Cpu so if the repairman not careful enough he may spoilt the Cpu.

Why iPad mini lightning usb spoilt:

  1. Rough usage which cause the metal plate to wear and tear
  2. High power inserted to the iPad mini which cause the controller circuit on the flexicable iPad mini lightning usb to fail
  3. Inexperience way of dismantle of the iPad mini logicboard by newbie technician

How to solve the problem is pretty simple for the iPad mini lightning usb spoilt problem no 1: change the whole flexicable lightning usb but look for technician that know how to solder properly. Problem no 2: simple jumper from the lightning usb to the logicboard. Problem no 3: dont let new technician to open the logicboard from the bottom always take out the logicboard from the top, since he can spoilt the lightning usb flexicable he will also spoilt the lcd especially if the iPad mini comes with 4G because of the tape to the antenna, careful guys.