iPad Cracked Screen Replacement

iPad Cracked Screen Replacement

Picture 1. iPad Cracked Screen.

iPad is the most sellable item from apple now, there is much different specification with other model iPad, and iPad Screen is the most fragile part and is expose to human touch and other things which make is very vurnerable. Most problem on ipad is iPad Cracked Screen and cannot connect to 3g / cannot detect sim card.

If your iPad Screen Cracked, it may be time for a new touch screen to be fix and the most problematic one is most people cannot do it by yourself so iam giving simple advice to help you save your money on iPad Cracked Screen problem. There are 2 things that could save your money, try these:

  1. Make an Extra Layer on your Touch Screen. This isn't a good way of solving but the cheapest. Use a Tape and start taping from bottom to the top until all surface is covered. The tape will keep everything in place and protect your finger from getting hurt but the tape wont last long so you need to change it regularly./
  2. Buy a full protective cover. Recommendation is Otter ipad cover where it is shock proof with front plastic cover, this is for iPad Screen lightly Cracked so you can save money at the same time protect the second fall etc ... you can get the Otter ipad cover from ZAPPLEREPAIR

if you tired and give up faced this problem, you can also get an iPad Cracked Screen Replacement at our place, check out our website for Updated pricing on all repair for iPad :) and we can help you fix this just bring your iPad to our place and we'll fix that, or call 83888781 for amazing service